The Rhetoric of Harry Potter

Jan 08

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Dec 16

Ok, your final grades are calculated (but not up).

They’re sitting here, percolating, hoping for some people to turn in missing assignments at the final hour. (People who are missing assignments have been contacted.)

EDIT @ RR: I gotta think about ‘em.

EDIT Part Deux @ IG: I submitted the grades at 8 am. Not sure how long it will take for them to appear if they haven’t already. *shrug*

Dec 15

Final grades are calculated…

…with math.

Dec 11


Dec 09

If you think your finals period is tough…

I’m writing a 25-page paper, due tomorrow, that links Habermasian post-metaphysical thinking to Derridean obfuscation through a comparative study of the Dec. 8 Colbert Report and Jacques Derrida’s Limited Inc., with a focus on the politics of language.

I have no idea what those words even mean, but I typed them.


Dec 07

Don’t worry so much!

It’s late. I’m tired. So are you. Too much work this time of year, huh?

Stop worrying! Sometimes things go wrong. That’s why we revise: so that when things go wrong we have a chance to fix them.

As Sara says, don’t worry! Everyone gets a good grade if they show up and turn in assignments on time!

For the record: C’s are not bad grades. They’re “average.” If you get C’s on the original and A’s on revision, then hey, that’s a B. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

The top thing on Reddit for your viewing pleasure:

Dec 06

Tumblr is back!


Ok, so the biggest thing I noticed in your papers is that you guys started writing summary introductions again. Stop it! Newspapers don’t use summary introductions. Very little real-world writing will use a summary introduction. Look at a newspaper and see what they do—thry don’t do summaries.

Also, all of you should learn how to do text wrapping in Microsoft Word.

Also, a lot of you went back to writing boring English papers. Some were lit crit, some were vague and generalized ramblings about love in HP. Relate your arguments to the real world. This is an opportunity for you to be creative and funny.

Here are some good paragraphs from your assignments. Keep in mind that opinions in newspapers often do a lot to entertain:

Of course, there are many people who are stunned at the idea of Harry Potter being taught in schools, much less in universities of higher learning. When confronted with the thought that college students are paying money to study Harry Potter, there was a wide-range of responses. Saul Mendoza, a third year dual history and government major at the University of Texas at Austin, responded to the news of a Rhetoric of Harry Potter course with enthusiasm. “Oh my gosh, Harry Potter!” he exclaims. “I’m so disappointed because I want to take the class but it filled up on the first day of registration!” Facebook statuses were posted by the excited Texas students who were eager to take a course in one of their all-time favorite obsessions. “HARRY POTTER!!! I want in!!” and “omg I want to take Harry Potter!!” were the types of statuses that cropped up on my newsfeed in May of 2010. 

Whenever I think Harry Potter, I think Motown singing group. No, it’s not the Temptations or the Supremes, but it’s Harry Potter & the Ubiquitous Three. And I say this not because Harry Potter takes me back to the good ‘ol oldies of crooning on the mic, smooth and slick dance moves, or permed coifs. I say this because J.K. Rowling is iconic, much like Motown, Harry Potter is legendary, much like the artists on the label, and Harry Potter would not feel complete without his backup singers who provide the powerful harmonies to an already brilliant lead.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened its doors to thousands of waiting fans on June 18th, 2010 at Universal Studios Parks and Resorts’ Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida. The signature attraction at the newly minted theme park is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which takes place in Hogwarts Castle and feature scenes from several Harry Potter books that even the most avid of Harry Potter fans will be able to enjoy. Despite the hype that has been given to the ride before the park even opened, many fans were left in disbelief after they were turned away after being deemed too large to fit into the seats of the ride cars.

Dec 04

State Department says not to talk about WikiLeaks on FB.

Dec 03

Also, if you need to write some blogs…

…feel free to do so through Dec. 15.

I miss you guys.


I know, right? Who knew Foley had feelings? Best of luck, again, on finals.